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A justice and healing center for survivors of abuse. We believe through advocacy and trauma informed counseling we can realize a better Miami-Dade County. 



Survivors Pathway is a justice and healing center based in Miami-Dade County. We believe everyone deserves access to trauma informed mental health counseling. Our approach is rooted in listening to survivors of violent crimes, empowering and fighting alongside them. 


Trauma Informed  Mental Health Counseling

Trauma informed mental health counseling supporting victims of crimes from LGBTQIA+ and Latino communities, as well all backgrounds. 

Victim Advocacy And Educational Outreach

Provide advocacy and case management to survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking. Organize educational events in Miami-Dade County around HIV prevention and combatting domestic abuse.

Public Health

Free HIV testing, referrals to PreP and nPEP, assistance to linkage care.

Professional Trainings

Offering workshops on gender based violence and LGBTQIA+ issues.



Survivors Pathway was created in 2010 by Francesco Duberli with the mission of fighting for  justice alongside survivors, promoting equality and  inclusion  through culturally-sensitive, mental health counseling and advocating for Latino and LGBTQI+ communities, survivors of violent crimes such as domestic, sexual and intimate partner violence, human trafficking, and other types of victimization. The belief in advocating for all regardless of race, gender, class, and sexuality grounds our counseling and advocacy work. 


Since its foundation, Survivors Pathway has been a safe place for all communities in need of spaces that embrace, affirm and integrate their cultural values, gender identity, sexual orientation and world view during their healing process. 


Survivors Pathway’s creation and development is supported by  partnerships with  local police departments in Miami Dade such as Miami Dade Police Department, City of Miami Police Department, Hialeah Police Department, and Miami Beach Police Department. Survivors Pathway additionally works in collaboration with The State Attorney’s Office, Florida Department of Health, and local nonprofit organizations that serve victims of crimes. Currently, Survivors’ Pathway is funded by the Office of the Florida Attorney General, the Florida Department of Health, and the U.S Department of Justice.


Our services are based around a multi-disciplinary team approach to best achieve clients’ needs. This multi-disciplinary team is composed by psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, licensed mental health counselors, and clinical social workers, as well as public health specialists and advocates, all of whom are trained and specialized in working with diverse populations and trauma informed services. Our leadership represents the diverse communities we serve. 

Member Voice's 

"Survivors Pathway para mí significa mucho porque me ayudado a establecerme como persona y me ha subido el autoestima. Me da mucha felicidad estar incluido en la comunidad LGBT como miembro y ahora líder. Survivors Pathway me ha dado muchísimo.  Me siento muy satisfecha.", Gloria Selva
"Sin Survivors Pathway no tuviera el apoyo de la comunidad tan profunda como la tengo ahora. Cuando llegue de Cuba me sentí solo y Survivors Pathway me dio el apoyo que tanto necesitaba. Estoy agradecida profundamente. - Manuel Marerro                 
"Survivors Pathway to me means having a home away from home. It's given me hope and confidence to fight for myself and my community.", Sonia Morales
"I've been here for 7 years. This is the most wonderful space. I'm so grateful for the family I have here. For the work of my therapists and advocates that fight and support me. I'm better because of them.", Rolando 

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33 SW 2nd Ave Miami, FL 33130. Ste. 101

(786) 275 -4364

(786) 334 -6992


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