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Our Programs

We offer trauma informed counseling, support groups, advocacy services, and public health initiatives. 

Trauma Informed Counseling Services

Trauma informed counseling supporting victims of crimes serving communities such as LGBT and Latino. Services are provided to all individuals, regardless of race., gender, and sexual orientation. 

Victim Advocacy + Educational Outreach

Provide advocacy and case management to survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking. Organize local events in Miami-Dade County to amplify marginalized voices.

Public Health Initiative + Education

Free HIV testing, referrals to medical care. Survivors Pathway is committed to interrogating the social determinants of health that impact the day to day living of marginalized communities.

Professional Trainings

Offering workshops on LGBTQIA+ issues  and cultural trainings. Tackling issues on intimate partner violence and healthy relationships. Survivors Pathways collaborates with community organization  to promote cultural, social, and LGBT issues.

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