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Victim Advocacy and Community Outreach 

Survivors Pathway is committed to providing the necessary assistance, guidance, and psychological support to survivors of violent crimes to successfully achieve justice. Navigating and accessing the justice system can be difficult to understand, especially when the victims/survivors are experiencing the emotional impact of trauma, feeling unsafe or isolated. Access to supportive agencies, immigration services, and other needed legal recourses are complicated.


Survivors’ Pathway’s Advocates  focus their efforts on facilitating these processes while trying to ensure the victim’s successful access to justice and other social services. Survivors’ Pathway’s advocates provide a vital support system to victims, encouraging and empowering them to pursue all avenues of treatment and all legal means to stop the abuse and to ensure long-term recovery.

Survivors’ Pathway’s Advocates will ensure that women, men, and their families that are experiencing domestic violence, sexual assault, human tracking, hate crimes and/or other types of victimization will have access to the following services:

  • Trauma Informed Counseling

  • Application for victim compensation services

  • Referral to free legal immigration attorneys and services

  • Referrals to family law services

  • Assistance with job search and job application

  • System coordination, linking legal, medical and emotional supports

  • Individual advocacy

  • Intervention with employer, creditor, landlord, or academic institution

  • Court Companionship

  • Support groups

Appropriate communication aids and translation services are available. 


Organize Meetings with the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Council of Greater Miami

This new project represents another step forward towards the protection and inclusion of the members of the Lesbian, Gay, bisexual, Trans-identified, Queer and Intersexual community survivors of domestic, intimate and sexual violence. The creation of this committee is an invitation to develop an open and honest conversation about the challenges and barriers faced by these communities. This group will also work on identifying the needs of members of these communities and develop strategies to actively respond to those needs. Developing awareness within our members about the need to include and embrace the gender, sexual and cultural diversity of the LGBTQI community will be our main goal in working towards promoting a society that is based on the principles of equality, inclusion and social justice.


Domestic Violence Prevention Outreach 

Survivors Pathway participates in community events to raise awareness against domestic abuse violence in LGBTQIA+, Latino, and Black communities. 

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