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We have a special program that addresses the needs of victims who are part of the LGBTIQ+ community in South Florida.


Our Services:

  • LGBTQ affirming mental health services

  • Support groups for LGBTQ youth

  • Support groups for Latino transgender women 

  • Family counseling

  • Human trafficking screanings

  • HIV testing and counseling

  • Refferals to PreP

  • Financial Assistance to LGBTQI youth victims of sex trafficking

  • Refferals to hormonal treatment

  • Assistance to access gender affirming letters.

Referral for Hormone Replacement Therapy

Survivors Pathway works in collaboration with community agencies to provide HRT services to our trans and gender non conforming members.

TransLatina & LGBTIQ+ Support Groups

In bi-weekly meetings, members of the LGBTIQ+ community who are victims of gender discrimination, domestic violence, among others, can safely receive emotional support and psychoeducation.


Want to attend our

support groups?

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